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We also offer leased line internet connection for small businesses.
Sky Televentures understands that your business needs constant and uninterrupted internet connectivity to run your business smoothly. Our dedicated leased line service enables you with dedicated internet bandwidth that ensures reliable high-speed communication and collaboration. All our leased line services are delivered over copper/fiber cables.

Our leased line internet connection helps the business to connect geographically located in different part of the states. Sky Tekeventures offers different plans for the leased line services according to your need and budget.

Following are the core benefits of Sky Televentures Leased Line Services:

Consistent speed across the clock for downloading and uploading for your businesses.

Experience the attractive and cost effective plans with unlimited uses facility with carrier grade connectivity.

We offer our leased line services through copper, fiber, and radio links or a combination of the above to ensure the hazel free services for our customers.

A dedicated team for leased line services for any problem, if arises.

An interactive web-user interface to manage and monitor performance of the connection.